Album Review: L_coma – Unwanted Noise

Floating on a rippling pond, gently rocked away by a placid lullaby. Layers of treated guitars are carried on the wind, entwining with the sweeping tears of distorted water. A column of dense echoes wraps around, different colors swirling into a vortex of soft noise. A whirlpool begins to twist, silently absorbing all the essence of life. A watery black hole inhales all existence and keeps it safe beneath its glassy surface. This is where all unwanted noise goes.

Descending deep into the gleaming crest, soft trembles of sound emanate from walls of water. A lustrous world is revealed where lucid dreams go to sleep and unchained spirits roam free. All the unwanted noise discarded by the world is recycled in the deluge and transformed into a soft stream of calming drones. They slowly flow past, trickling away from the pond into the forest to merge sounds with the outside world. Something that was once undesirable to the ear is now a pleasant ambiance awash in smoky aquatic reverberation. It has made its cyclical journey back to the source only to be regenerated and sent out again. A continuous flow of enchanting sound designed to cleanse the mind and relax the soul.

L_coma’s dreamy world blocks out all distractions. It is very easy to get lost in this music and forget about everything. All negativity is washed away, all sense of time and reality put on hold while the encompassing soundscape caresses the body. Drowning in ringing murmurs and guitar twinges is almost suffocating and when the surface is broken and air fills the lungs once more, there is only a thick fog full of arresting sound, forcing the body to return afloat. Once again suspended and lulled by the embracing water as it slowly returns the brain to the conscious and dreary world.

Rating: 4.5 Stars
Standout Track: Released Anxiety


Review: Aristidis K. – Zero Point

Label: Webbed Hand
Catalog No: wh191

The world has collapsed into a single point. All known life has vanished. The only thing that remains is a guitar creaking the faint light of hope back into existence.

Aristidis K. has turned a dark corner on Zero Point. Subhuman effects rumble alongside the dreamy atmosphere creating a bittersweet sensation. The songs are simple and modest, leaving your mind to wander amongst the tones. The mild experimentation flutters on the side, only making its presence known when the need arises. Static and guitar warbles fog up the room, making you feel like the only soul to survive the apocalypse.

The sounds were crafted for that one person who somehow manages to live after the demise of Earth. You get the feeling that you are that one lucky human allowed to stay on this plane. As you float aimlessly the vast mists of time and space, this soundtrack plays. It echoes off the stars themselves and wraps you up safely, protected by the spirits of the universe.

Rating: 3.5 stars
Standout track: 4:37 AM

Review: Aristidis K. – #11038

Label: Earth Mantra
Catalog No: earman142

A subtle guitar echoes across the deserted landscape. Sudden vibrations are cast into the air from an unknown source and only you can feel them. You are the only soul for miles around. The desolate terrain stretches as far as the eye can see, covering your known world. A lonely feeling washes over and your only solace is in the layer of melancholic music slowly blanketing your cold body.

Greece’s Aristidis K. has painted a soothing yet sad soundscape in this release. With little depth, guitars float high in the sky and slowly decay downward upon the ears below. The album creates a comfort. With an undisturbed flow between songs you can journey within and come to terms with your emotions. It’s gloomy enough to make you feel trapped in a web but it is also uplifting enough where you can feel safe inside a cocoon, ready to emerge. At times, blips of modern jargon disrupt your sojourn, forcing a rift in the web woven by placid guitar strums.

In our fragile world, there is comfort in the knowledge that sometimes you can escape the despondency and get lost in your own landscape. Our most unexplored land is within and there is where we will find all the answers.

Rating: 3.5 stars
Standout track: The Sun and Night

Review: Dark Ambient Forest – Blissful Loneliness

After much anticipation we finally got a full length album from this very promising artist. It is an atmospheric journey for the heart and soul. It takes you through many spiritual dimensions and sends you gliding down a glass chute into a crystal clear lake. There is wonderful experimentation and great guitar work throughout. It tugs at your emotions too as you begin to feel how he felt as he made these songs. Some of these feelings are very somber but optimistic and others are full of the primal rage we all keep hidden under our exteriors.

Every song on here has something about it that I love. The first track is the only one I have a problem with. Although it starts out beautifully it erupts into a slaughter of ear ripping noise that does not fit with the other songs on the album. That aside, I think it is a great first release and everyone should hear it.

Standout track: Blissful Experiences in the Blue Sky
Rating: 4 Stars