The Bolz Conservatory in Madison, Wisconsin is part of the Olbrich Botanical Gardens, featuring tropical plants and flowers housed in a gorgeous glass structure. It adds a touch of the tropics to this northerly destination.



A Change of Scenery

This past weekend I relocated to Madison, Wisconsin. A quaint and expressive Mecca in the middle of Midwestern corn fields and turmoil. This is the city where I began my musical excursion over 4 years ago. It has been the site of joy and pain, a perfect station to review the accident that is life and apply its meanings to music.

As the dust settles and the boxes empty, the musical output has been put on hold. The new environment will be a positive stimulation for some drones and ambient loops. Tones and melodies are floating around my cosmos and will be put in an audible sequence soon. I am setting a tentative release date for Transmigration of 8 September. Expect a single featuring a song from the album and a possible b-side or two around 31 August.

To everyone who has found and enjoyed my music I thank you. I am glad I can share my aural view of the world and I hope you will continue listening.

Hope all is well,