These photos were taken as the moon began to wane from the recent Full Moon. Shrouded by clouds, the moon danced around while these high white balance photos were being taken. The longer the camera took, the more light began to emerge on the finished photo.


Review: Earlyguard – Solitary Moon

I would like to present you with an introduction to a new chapter in Drone music. Earlyguard has handed over the keys to a craft on which we can further explore sound and our own minds. These four tracks take us on a voyage few of us could have ever imagined. A blissful void where the mind is clear and the heart flutters with euphoria. And he does this simply by sending us on a trip to the moon.

Sonic celestial journeys has ventured much farther than the moon. The distance traveled does not matter. What happens during the travel is an experience few appreciate. The wisdom absorbed into our souls can tell us all the answers to our wildest questions.

Drones drift through your ears with flashes of electronic blips. They sound like the controls of a spaceship as the orchestra plays along, gently carrying you off to a faraway place. The heavens of space seem to be parting right in front of you, creating a show of bliss and solace. An acceptance of loneliness washes over and you slowly begin to realize that the closest living thing, everyone you love and everything you’ve ever known is thousands of miles behind you in the vast emptiness of space.

Prepare to open your eyes and soul with this lunar journey soundtrack. Your senses will appreciate the trip away from home.

Standout track: Solitary Moon
Rating: 4.5 stars!/Earlyguard