Ripple in the Heavens

When a strong atmospheric pattern sweeps over, the clouds are shaped into flowing ripples that reverberate across the sky. You can feel the vibrations in the air. The signal of the oncoming storm rises before you and soon the sky will darken in chaos.


Man in Nature

These pictures were taken in rural southern Illinois overlooking the interstate. The strands of light are from vehicles passing by. It a stark juxtaposition in such a natural environment.

Along the Path

On a short stroll through the park today I took some pictures of my favorite subject matter. Trees. Tall, majestic and green, they are an invaluable asset to our lives. As a closeted treehugger, I encourage everyone to go up to the next tree you see, give it a hug, and tell it thank you.

Looking Up Through the Trees

If you are in a wooded area and look up to the sky you see the tops of trees. Staring at them from the bottom up, you get an insignificant feeling. Dwarfed by immense giants of nature, they give off a sense of comfort and shield us in a big leafy cocoon.


The Bolz Conservatory in Madison, Wisconsin is part of the Olbrich Botanical Gardens, featuring tropical plants and flowers housed in a gorgeous glass structure. It adds a touch of the tropics to this northerly destination.


Tranquil Garden

Water flowing through a brook, the intricate web of a branch, the wonders of a garden can get us closer to the universe. We can find solace and enlightenment in the beauty of nature.


As life slowly begins to return to parts of the drought-stricken United States, I thought some pictures of flowers would look real nice right about now. Look at them and remember that the seasons will cycle and we will soon see beautiful flowers and green grass again.

Green Nature

Rock Bluffs

These rocks jut out from the hillside adding a surreal dynamic to the forest. They provide a pedestal for nature to stand and look out among creation.


Fire is an amazing phenomenon. The organic flames paint the canvas of air only to burn out in a beautiful flash. These photos were taken with a delay to try and capture the movement of fire.