Tricks of Light

Camera effects can do wonders for bright lights in the dark. They can be made to dance and tell a compelling story.



Fire is an amazing phenomenon. The organic flames paint the canvas of air only to burn out in a beautiful flash. These photos were taken with a delay to try and capture the movement of fire.

The Color Blue

These two photos are surreal and accented with tints of blue. It’s hard to tell these are actual photographs.


One of the best artistic features of digital photography is the negative effect. It creates an abstract atmosphere, distorting reality right in front of you. All these photos were taken in negative with no other effect or manipulation.


Independence Day

I would like to wish all my American contemporaries a Happy Independence Day. To commemorate our nation’s birth, here are some artistic photos of fireworks I have taken over the years. Hope you all enjoy today’s festivities and remember to stay cool out there.