w.x & thescientist – Laboratory

I recently accosted thescientist with some raw tracks along with the stems from my song “In the Middle of Ill”. I have been anxiously wanting to collaborate lately and thescientist is always willing to tweak whatever sounds come his way. He took what I sent him and forged a twisted blend of our unique styles. The songs feature my trippy ambient drones alongside his progressive electro manipulation. This release is a true sonic fusion of genres. You get the sensation of being inside a radiation suit with speakers inside. The music pulsates through you and slowly erodes away the dust inside you.




Review: thescientist – Synths at Midnight EP

Nightfall shrouds our gleaming world every day. It is one of the few things in life you can always depend on. No matter what transpires during the day, you can always rely on the eventual darkness to set in and reset your mind. The middle of the night has always been a source of inspiration and creative eruption. thescientist has used the alluring mysteries of midnight to create six tracks of unimaginable synthesized grandeur. By playing around on a keyboard during the darkest depths of the night he has unlocked beautiful sounds from a clouded cage.

The songs are minimal with simple rhythms. They are layered with atmospheric whims and subtle tones. It is a departure from his normal musical sphere. By letting the insomnia take over for a few nights he has broadened his world, allowing light to flicker in the bleak abyss of the eternal night. If there is ever a night where you fear the sun will never rise again, your heart’s embers slowly burning out into stars, just give this a listen. The light will begin to unfold before your eyes, painting a better feeling in your ears.

Standout track: Introspective
Rating: 4.5 stars