As life slowly begins to return to parts of the drought-stricken United States, I thought some pictures of flowers would look real nice right about now. Look at them and remember that the seasons will cycle and we will soon see beautiful flowers and green grass again.


SML022 w.x – Hailstone

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As the Northern Hemisphere hides from the frigid forces of nature, creative energies are regenerated and sow the seeds for glorious times ahead. Hailstone was created by harnessing the darker aspects of weather and forging them with a wide-eyed optimistic view of the future. It sends us on a journey to find true happiness in our lives, no matter what desolate horrors lie in front of us. We can all channel the dark energies of the evil surrounding us and transform them into a positive reinforcement.

Hailstone utilizes subterranean drones drenched in delays that slow down time and immerse us in a rejuvenating environment. Place headphones on and slip into a dimension created solely for us to experience rebirth. The dark and cold winter is a chance every year to reset the controls and start anew with a wiser insight and more level spirit.

This is the last release under the “w.x” name. Keep in touch as bigger and better things await us all in the future.

1. Glacial Mass (4:05)
2. Black Hole At the Center of the Earth (5:52)
3. Whirlwind (4:17)
4. The Vanishing Sea (5:22)
5. Petrified Forest (6:12)
6. Wings Melting (4:46)
7. Denouement (7:00)