Review: BGUDNA – Attended Only by Birds EP

Label: None
Catalog No: N/A

Iceland has always been known for forward-thinking music and BGUDNA is no exception. Hailing from the haven of fire and ice, BGUDNA (AKA Björgvin Guðnason) creates dreamy and harrowing soundscapes using only one tool – his piano. The 8 songs on this EP are not ordinary classical compositions. They exude much more raw emotions ranging from joy to sorrow. The atmosphere created is beautiful, confusing and savage. Guðnason has displayed a wonderful interpretation of the perplexing intricacies of life. He uses the piano to pour out all of his fears, insecurities and elations. The music produced is a misguided and unorganized outpouring of atmospheric tones. You get swept up by its chaos and travel the ups and downs and are left with a reflection of your own life. Attended Only by Birds is one of the most discouraging yet identifiable releases to have come out in a long while.

Standout track: With You There, Everyday
Rating: 4 stars

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